Canada... Kids TV... What the hell...

ok, I was up all night playing WoW and I ended up drawing on the couch when I got bored. I turned on the TV for ambience and started flipping channels.

I came to the CBC and left it on. I was confronted by three freakish overly happy [STRIKE]people[/STRIKE] things. I don’t really know what to say except the analysis of the characters:

Deedee: The Whore - Admits that her lips are always willing to “pucker up”.
Rooney: The Queer - Yeah… You just gotta watch him.
Moe: The Shit - Hes the trouble maker. He plays jokes and pours water on himself…

This show is fucked up. But the worst part was that I couldnt stop watching it. What the hell are you Canadians doing that makes your shows so hypnotic??!

Not half as creepy as Lazy Town

little girl who was ripped out of anime (her hair actually looked cool) and a superhero french guy?

Yeah… yours won…

… WTF!?

I want a suit like Robbie Rotten

puppet people make me want to be violent

Apparently, a few select people, including myself, are the only intelligent Canadians. Everyone else is retarded.

<small>By select people, I mean every Canadian on these boards<!-- except for Setz–></small>

Oh wait, wrong line

Dot dot dot.

These people look like cosplayers at an anime convention. Or anime cosplayers at a rave. either way, it’s not a good thing.


Don’t blame Canada ;_;…it’s the CBC’s fault. The CBC is like…the place where crap manifests itself in moutainous piles. There are only three good shows on the CBC and all three of them poke mass amounts of fun at the CBC :stuck_out_tongue: and one of them is a news show :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Canadian and I never watch CBC. What is this?!

I watched the Doodlebops at 8:00am… I’d been playing WoW since 5pm the day before! I think I gave it enough of my time for one night! JESUS!

The only thing I watched on CBC was Street Cents.

I like South Park better… >.>

Puppets are teh suck.

That is quite messed.

And the only South Park I’ve seen is that one sequence in FLCL, as well as five seconds of a South Park parody on another show.