Can you identify this movie?

OK, here’s a challenge for all you Anime fans:

For years, I’ve been trying to identify an Anime movie I saw back when I was a kid (the 70’s) on Puerto Rican TV (dubbed into Spanish.) You see, I missed the beginning, and thus, the title. None of the various Anime info sources I’ve ever read have mentioned anything like it.

It was a fairly typical medieval fantasy. The hero was a kid who was looking for an evil sorcerer, who commanded a pack of wolves. The kid found a huge sword on a mountain (actually, the back of a huge stone giant.) I think it was called the “Sword of the Sun.” However, the sword couldn’t be used until it was tempered.
Eventually, the kid meets and befriends a strange girl who lived in an island in the middle of a river. As you might guess, she turns out to be the bad guy’s sister. Despite this, the kid does indeed kill the sorcerer in the end, after he tempers the Sun Sword in a huge bonfire.

Oh yeah, there’s a cool fight scene between the Mountain-man and an Ice Mammoth conjured by the sorcerer, as well.

If this sounds familiar to any of you, please let me know.

Doesn’t sound familiar, but it does sound rather cool.

But since there are probably many key details missing, from your description, it might make it difficult for people to know what one it is. Well anyway good luck in finding out what it is.

I must admit I’m foggy on many of the details… remember, I only saw this ONCE, and it was almost 30 years ago!! Still, maybe if any of you ask more especific questions, I might remember more details.

I really want to find out which movie this was, because it might very well be the first Anime movie I ever saw. I certainly would appreciate any help.

I searched on google for “sword of the sun” and “animated”, apparently you remembered that “sword of the sun” part right, and a description I found matched that stuff about the golem and the villain’s sister and tempering the sword. The movie is called “Little Norse Prince Valiant”.

What a strange name… well thats 70’s anime for you!

Vorpy: Well, duhh, why didn’t I think of doing that? Oh well, it’s been a long while since I thought about this movie. I’ll do my own Google check on that movie now. Thanks! :victoly: