Can someone tell me the name of the game?

I played this game years ago. When the game starts, everything in the towns have disappeared. When you do certain things, elements of the towns start to reappear (ie houses, people, animals). Can anyone tell me name of this game? I don’t even remember what platform it was. It has been soooo long ago. Are there any other games out there like this? I love this type of game. Thanks for any replies.

There are a lot of games that follow that trend so you’re going to have to be more specific as to what system it was for, what the gameplay was like, etc… Despite how there can be a trait where you rebuild a town over time, that’s really just context for a lot of what happens in the game, things that make the game enjoyable.

Having said that, I’ll take a wild guess and say its probably Soul Blazer for the SNES. If you liked Soul Blazer, try Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma; they’re part of the same series.

Yeah, if you don’t even know what system it’s for, it’s hard for us to make a specific guess. What you’re saying reminds me of Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2, are you thinking of those?

It sounds exactly like Soul Blazer.

Sounds like Dark CLoud.

Thanks for all the replies. I’m sorry I could not give any more info, but it has been a very long time. For that reason I am leaning more towards Soul Blazer. Because it was probably that long ago. Plus, after reading reviews about it, I think that is probably the one. Thank you Sinistral for letting me know about the other games in the series. I will definately have to check those out. And thanks to the others for letting me know about the Dark Cloud series.

You’re welcome! We have shrines for those games too so should you choose to play them, be sure to visit them.

Soul Blazer / Terranigma / IoG should be easy to find on the internet;

I don’t know how easy Dark Cloud 1/2 will be to find, esp since DC1 is an old PS1 game and it wasn’t as liked as the SNES games I mentioned. Go to EB or EB’s website.

Either way though, DC1/2 will be very cheap buys, so if you don’t like them, you won’t lose much. If you’re wondering what DC is like, think of it like Soul Blazer / zelda where you restore a town. You have a 3D zelda like game play and you have other elements like how you assemble your own weapons. Look at the shrine for more details.

Both Dark Clouds were PS2 games, if I’m not mistaken.

My PS2 copy of DC1 agrees with you.

You’re right, DC1 was an early PS2 game. I mixed it up.

DC1 was the poster game for the PS2. It got people really excited and showed awesome graphics for the time.

Yeah, the game does sound like Dark Cloud.

I still love how DC1 was hyped up as the Zelda Killer.