can i have a few suggestions?

hi…im kind of new to the RPG world, the only RPGs ive ever played are mario rpg and tales of phantasia…i thought they both rocked, phantasia was genius…i play the games on my snes emulator, my computer wouldnt be able to support anything fancier…my question is, are there any other games similar to tales of phantasia that u think i would enjoy? my friend suggested star ocean…but its translation is not done, and theres a million bugs to go with it, im open to any suggestions for the snes platform…thanks!!


Well I’ll just list some RPG’s in general since I’ve never played ToP

Lufia 2
Chrono Trigger (of course)
Some FF’s

Mmmmmm… Doubly-posty goodness.

Just be patient. You wont’ always get answers straight off.

Final Fantasy VI is a must.

If you want similar games to Tales of Phantasia… try <u>Secret of Mana 2</u> (most commonly known as <u>Seiken Densetsu 3</u>). If you have a PSX get <u>Tales of Destiny II</u>. It’s sort of a sequel :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh yeah, and <u>Terranigma</u>. For SNES.

Tales of Phantasia did kickass. Great game, it is.

Front mission rocks, but then again im a Stratedgy RPG guy. Final Fantasy is good, but personally i dont like the 3D games. Vagrant story was another good one. Theres more that are good, but ill keep this list short.

Oh, and if you buy nothing else, buy RPGMaker for PlayStation and RPGMaker2 when it comes out for PS2. I absolutly freakin love those games. Making RPGs is better than playing them, in my opinion.


Monstania, perhaps?

It’s not like the ones you have mentioned, and it’s not fully translated yet, but since I am shrining it I feel obliged to mention it: Der Langrisser.

And yes FFVI ( III US ) is a must.

Well all the games mentioned here are very good and if you dont mind action RPG’s then look for Terranigma and Ilusion of Gaea.Maybe even Dragon Warrior VI or V.

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross

The FF series, the Lufia series, Terranigma, Chrono Trigger…
Yes, they were all mentioned but I wanted to stress it ;_;
If you like to smash stuff, try Soulblazer. (The story sucks though.) And try Crusader of Centy (not SNES, but Sega Genesis) and Golden Sun (also not SNES, but GBA) and Bahamut Lagoon (SNES!)
Oh, and the Breath of Fire series rocks too. (Breath of Fire 1 and 2 are for SNES.)

The following are the games on my first gaming cycle.

Eventually, I’ll memorize the ones on my second gaming cycle as well… these are what I consider MUST-PLAY games. I include the game, and the system it is for.

Final Fantasy (NES, remade as Final Fantasy Origins[PSX])
Final Fantasy II (NES, remade as Final Fantasy Origins[PSX])
Final Fantasy III (NES, not released in U.S., must get fan-translated ROM for emulator)

Final Fantasy IV (SNES, designated ‘Final Fantasy II’ in U.S., remade as Final Fantasy Chronicles[PSX])

Final Fantasy V (SNES, not released in U.S. until remake Final Fantasy Anthology[PSX], fan-translated emulated version can be found, however)

Final Fanasy VI (SNES, designated ‘Final Fantasy III’ in U.S., remade as Final Fantasy Anthology[PSX])

Chrono Trigger (SNES, remade as Final Fantasy Chronicles[PSX])

Super Mario RPG (SNES, you’ve already played this)

Final Fantasy VII (PSX)

Xenogears (PSX)

Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)

Chrono Cross (PSX)

Final Fantasy IX (PSX)

Paper Mario (N64, you might think of it as an N64 remake of Super Mario RPG, but with a different story and different graphics… heh heh)

Final Fantasy X (PS2)

Kingdom Hearts (PS2)

It shall me interesting… I may post my 2nd gaming cycle later. At present I am on Xenogears, almost finished too.

thanx for all ur suggestions…i didnt like the fighting in chrono trigger, ima try terranigma

Hmm… the combat system in Chrono Trigger is pretty basic as far as RPG combat systems go.


You could always give Wild Arms a try that was a good RPG, in my opinion.

Other than that I think I’d just be repeating what everyone has already said.

If you liked ToP, try the pseudo-sequel, Star Ocean. Only wait a little while until the full translation comes out. :sunglasses:

i dont like the chrono trigger fighting at alll…
do any of the games mentioned have real-time fighting? cuz thats the main reason ToP was so good, but it seems most RPGs are turn based

again, thanx for ur help

Terranigma,Ilusion Of Gaea,and Soulblazer are action Rpgs so i think you will like them.Some of the RPGs that are real time are:Star Ocean,Star Ocean 2(PSX),Tales of Destiny 1 and 2(PSX)