Can Daikatana claim this?

The Voyager 1 spacecraft has travelled approximately 2.5 billion miles since the announcement of Duke Nukem Forever.

I mean…wow, just, wow.

I think we all know the answer to that

Hasn’t it been moving at like 60,000 miles an hour for 30 years?

Have they canceled the production of the game yet? I mean, I remember talking about stuff like this a year ago.

A better way of saying it, IMO, is

"In the time Duke Nukem Forever has been in development, NASA has conceived, planned, built, launched, flown, and crashed an object on Mars.


I think at this point its just a joke. They’ve probably for all intents and purposes “cancelled” the game, but they just like to keep the joke going. Same with TFC2.


Source on this info, Zero?

DNF’s <a href=“”>Freshmeat</a> entry. :stuck_out_tongue:

And we all know DNF will still be in production when V’ger gets here.

Oh dear, at least we’ll have the Duke Nukem movie.

Um … good?

There was actually some news about it in Game Informer a couple of months ago.

It’ll probably be released some few seconds before the destruction of the Universe. You know, so we’ve something to blame.

I thought that was your area of expertise.

what is this TFC2 that was mentioned earlier in the thread?

Somebody dig out the DNF thread where I made that huge list of Stuff That Has Happened Between DNF Being Announced And Now. :smiley:


Hey, despite everything, Duke Nukem Forever is actually <b>more fun</b> than Daikatana.

The rovers Spirit and Opportunity went from proposal to successful landing on Mars within the timeframe of Duke Nukem Forever’s development.

I find this one the funniest of them all. We can go from planning to reality of putting stuff on Mars before Duke Nukem Forever has been finished.

nice :slight_smile:

actually i remember hearing something about DNF but that was a long time ago. seems like in the time they’re taking to make this, NASA might have been able to do this a third time…

Didn’t Something Awful feature the DNF forums in their Weekend Web once?