Can anybody help me with this problem?

Hello. In 2003 I joined a Resident Evil board called TotallyRE because a guy I met from a site about movies was there. The members immediently started harassing me in threads which lead to me being banned for no reason. I complained to vBulletin but they refused to help me. I would go back to TotallyRE only to be humiliated and banned again and again. The guy who invited me to TotallyRE was called Alexander Ashford. He was also at Resident Evil Horror which I considered to be a better site. Anyway, this guy tried to get me banned by spreading tales and this ultimately lead to me being called the cancer of the Resident Evil community. Of course these stories spead to similar sites and they all began taking the same precautions to ban me and/or remove my accounts by posting provocative crap or being unfair and rude.

In early 2004 I met a lady called Lucky and we tried running our own forum. However I guess I was still very bitter over TotallyRE. In May 2004 I found out my grandmother had cancer and Lucky told them about it hoping they might show a bit of sympathy, but they did the opposite. I went back and pissed at them very hard over this. Lucky tried to demot me due to this chaos but when I got my position back, I did it to her, but because she was the root boss I failed and then she erased me. After she banned me I got very very upset and I spent the entire season feeling stressed and emotionally exhausted. Lucky also told me she was raped as a child and I felt sorry for her. Lucky was also helping other people look after forums and she banned me from their boards too. The official ForumFlash support board banned me because of her as well. I gave her my real address because ForumFlash worked in a different way from other free forum servers.

I knew I had to let her go, so I decided to help a guy called DJ Mixes run a Silent Hill forum called the Room 312 Boards. I did all the work and I recruited all the members. After they joined, they became quite loyal, so we gave them jobs. The first version got deleted by Lucky. Eventually, ForumFlash were deleted so we had to make a third board. Anyway, after I took a hiatus they banned me and ruined the board which would have made anybody feel betrayed. I get nothing but hassle and threats everywhere I go and I’ve gathered some evidence. What do you think I ought to do about them?


:hint: smack 'em upside the head. :hint:

If you aren’t happy where you are, leave and make sure you leave it behind.

join our community instead! We’re a haven for the unwanted.

From all you said in the post, you seem and sound like someone who’s better off banned from everywhere anyway. The problem is you, pal, not the people around you.

You seem like the kind who thinks of himself as the center of the world. You start fights and try to backstab those who’ve helped you, you get things in the internet up too personal, to the point of exchanging addresses with people you’ve never seem IRL, and then you try to make up some board just so that you can be the boss of a bunch of nerds. Really, the diagnose is that you have a lack of real life to a high degree.

If you keep that attitude here, don’t be surprised if people turn against you. We’ve seen a few people like you here and in time they all got banned.

So the last three months of new guys have been YOUR fault!

Unless money was involved, you may as well forget about it and move on with your life. It’s just the internet after all.

Sounds like the problem is that you’re taking message boards way too seriously.

Did they drive you out of their boards because you imported e-drama from other boards?

There is really only one decent and worthwhile thing you can do and that is to forgive and forget and move on. It’s not worth it to dwell on things on the Internet.

Perhaps the idiot a few posts above hasn’t had shit at over 50 forums and then had his own forums ruined or deleted. That’s something worth thinking about it before he accuses me of being an attention whore.

You got shit, because from what I’ve seen on both here and those boards you are an asshole.

What the hell is it with people that come in and whine at how they’ve been rejected for their own stupidity and then start attacking other people for it. What is up with all the fucking hostility anyway? And what in the fuck are we supposed to do about the problems some random newbie had in other places?

Urgh… Closing. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.