Calvin or Hobbes?

Who is the better comic charcter?

Calvin is the best, no doubt!

I can’t choose, Calvin was great, but Hobbes had that certian intelligence and humour to him… hmm…

Hobbes ownz your mind and soul

On one hand, Calvin’s imagination and wit made him a great character, but on the other, Hobbes was a really cool stuffed tiger.

Hard decision, but I’m gonna go with the stuffed animal :stuck_out_tongue:

What about that green glop of stuff on Calvin’s plate that recited Hamlet? O_o

Well, I kinda like the captian, Along with Hobbes, I read every single giant comic set.
I’m lucky the local library has em! I need to go buy em! But I remember every single comic.

Go Susie!!!

Hobbes, hands down. C’mon, he tackles Calvin at every turn! How could you NOT love him?

…Not that there’s anything bad about Calvin…

I always liked Susie.

I loved the babysitter ^^;;

She rocked so much. Forget her name though.



Aww crap, I knew I forgot someone. I also forgot Calvins Private eye form. ;_;

I dunno, there’s something about being known as “Spaceman Spiff” that is just damn cool…


I love Hobbes.

Hobbes. CAts rock. That’s the end of it, any argument will be quelled with a “You’re an idiot” and a bullet in the aruger’s brain.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Calvin is the best, no doubt!

He’s as crazy as they come, thinking everyone else is an alien! :slight_smile:

Both, the way they played off of each other was what made them rock so much.

Hobbes is the best.

You might also want to put in something about Calvin and all his scientific work (time machine, transmogifier, duplicator 1&2,)

plus all his duplicates

and the aliens when they go to mars

and his principal