Calling all artists

'ey-o all, looking for some artists (natch). Not quite sure what the benefits for taking this on are, but hey. I’m in a table-top game and we’re looking for some art to go along with it. Capable of doing landscapes and portraits (both of human and monsters) are good, though being flexible (and doing more) are always plusses

For those of you interested, either contact me or (the GM of the game) and see what’s going on. Thanks in advance.

I’m on it! Anyone have a list of monsters I can draw?

Hop on IRC and we’ll talk.

I’ll try to throw some stuff your way, but I’m telling you now, I don’t do 90% of the things that I say I will. IN CASE I do decide to, though, are there any restrictions? For example, must they be color?

Color’d probably be nice.

those arent penises on their heads, its a squid/dragon combination.

I suppose I could give it a try, but I don’t know how much I could contribute, since my inspiration comes and goes these days.

My sister has been getting into drawing, and she’s not too bad. I’m kinda biased, though… I’ll talk to her, and see what she thinks.

Sure, sounds cool. What/when?
I’d do color, but I’m colorblind and would end up drawing water purple or something.