Call an optimist, (s)he's turning blue...

Such a lovely color for you.

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Maybe he should join the Blue Man Group. Or a colorblind community – really, I had to check with people to watch this and say it was actually blue, he just looks sunburned to me.

I once read about a man who had turned orange, supposedly due to his carrot-based diet; some pigment in the carrots had accumulated on his skin over the years. The change was so gradual his own wife didn’t notice it; it was only on a visit to a doctor (for something else) that it was pointed out to him.

To this day, I don’t know if that story is true. I doubted it, but now we have this blue guy…


So wait is this guy trying to make himself into a Smurf or…

gasp So that’s how they solve their issue with propergation. How insidious!

This guy should watch out for any tiny blue migets armed with shrink rays (though they’d probably just magik him down to size) lest they finsh the job (then I doubt that even Bones could save him then).

APC :smiley:

I am fairly certain it’s possible to tint your skin orange by eating a crapload of carrots, so that one’s probably true.

This isn’t skin-related, exactly, but I had to stop taking a certain medicine that was supposed to help me focus because it affected my smell. I seemed to emit a very artificial smell. My family ultimately decided it was like “sniffing the inside of an empty pill bottle.” It’s amazing how your body chemistry can be affected in such ways, isn’t it?

The magic school bus never lies!

A doctor my grandma used to work for turned blue from using a similar solution to cure his TB. I think it worked, though, for whatever that’s worth.