As many of you know, my birthday was last week. As many of you also know, ever since my 16th birthday, I’ve had a slew of VG-related cakes produced for me by my most awesome grandmother. She may not know what she’s putting on the cakes, but she’s damn good at putting them on it nevertheless.

What almost none of you know is that due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control, the festivities were delayed until this weekend. But there is cake! Behold!

I couldn’t find a good sprite of Kirby that I liked, so I asked a friend of mine to draw something. He did, and my grandmother caked it. And now I have Kirbcaik! b> <(^.^)> <(^.^<)[/b]

For the newbies among us, here’s the gallery.

EDIT: Links fixed.

Cool, but re-upload cake04-cake07 :confused:

Awesomeness: 10/10

Decor: My wife’s a cake decorator…but I won’t comment, seeing as it’s from your grandmother.

What kind of cake is underneath that, if any?

What do you mean, “if any”? :hahaha;

That said, it’s chocolate. It’s always chocolate.

I’ve known some people that did all frosting or some other substitute over cake. I personally always do ice cream.

…all frosting? That is disgusting.


Excuse me? The frosting’s the best part! I’d eat a whole cake made of frosting! Oh yes I would!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, G-G-Johnny :wink: Oh, and your Grandma rocks! :victoly:

I would vomit from a cake made of pure frosting. It’s too much sugar. soft buttercream especially.

As the resident Kirby fanatic, all i can say is there is no =D big enough to express my joy at seeing that picture.

Digging the Moogle cake. I am jealous

After decorating cakes and making who knows how much frosting from scratch, I can safely say that the though of eating a frosting cake makes me ill. I wish I didn’t know how much shortening goes into a batch of buttercream for decorating. Even if it’s butter, that’s still gross. Lol, ew.

Your birthday cakes are so much fun!

A full frosting cake would give me instant stomachache. Blech.

Those cakes are all made of awesome, especially the Toad one, which is hilarious. 8p Except the Metroid one, that’s just spooky.

Well, how about that? I finally found out something I can do that you cool kids can’t! This call for a celebration!! Buys a whole Frosting-Only Cake and eats it by himself Yum-mmy! :wink:

I’m sure Ez could eat an all frosting cake.

I could probably eat a slice of cakeless frosting cake. mmm, frosting.

Kirby cake was cute too!

Those are all really neat. The moogle one is cute. :3

Happy belated birthday GG! Sorry, I haven’t been around much. This “real world” thing called “work” really sucks…

Anyway, hope you had a great one man!

I totally agree with the “your gramdma rocks!” sentiment.

i can’t imagine eating a cake with anything under the frosting except for cake. icecream would me too cold and more frosting would only be good for two bites.

:caik: Mmm…caik!

Haha! Your grandma is so cool!

I especially like the Fighter/Black Mage one. When I saw the Legend of Zelda one, I heard the “Duh nuh nuh nuh” noise that goes off when you find and item in-game and it floats over your head.

Also, Happy Belated Birthday!

Edit: Also, I most enjoy the cake part of the cake. Or the cake mix :slight_smile:
I’m not too hot on frosting in large amounts, which is why I don’t really enjoy Costco cakes.