Bye bye Terry Pratchett

What was your favourite Pratchett book?

Color of Magic is the only one I’ve read from cover to cover thus far, so I’m going to have to go with that one.

I haven’t had the privilege to read one of his works yet… as a fantasy author, I could probably learn a lot from him for my future works.

may he rest in peace. I know he has touched the lives of many people.

I ALWAYS RATHER LIKED SOUL MUSIC. Pretty sure that was the first Discworld book I read.

Small Gods.

Thief of Time.

Man, and he was one of my favorite authors. :confused:

Color of Magic is, almost unanimously, the worst Discworld book out there. You’re missing a lot.

I’ve already said my piece on this.

Reaper Man.

In my defense, I had started on The Light Fantastic (and yes, I could tell that it was an improvement just from the first half that I read) before my local bookstore went toes up. I just haven’t been able to track down a copy to read or a location where I could finish reading it that would be convenient for me.

Night Watch. Of his standalone discworld novels, Small Gods.

Second on Night Watch, followed by Men at Arms. I really loved the Watch series most of all.

I got started on him through reading Cid’s rando Pratchett quotes on here 12-14 years back.

Song of Ice and Fire i guess

Music with rocks in it sure sounds catchy. My favourite would be Night Watch but there are many jostling for spot #2.