Buy Excel Saga?

I am tempted to Buy Excel Saga. Should I Buy the ADV dub DVDs? (at £20 each DVD (6 DVDs), I would want to play it more than once).

All i know is the Burb and Some refernces in a Certain Sprite Comic.

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You’ll probably get it alot cheaper on ebay. I can’t say if it’s any good, I haven’t seen it.

It’s awesome. Even though many of the jokes rely on you having seen other anime series (watch out for the Gundam Wing one at the end) it also references American movies and general silliness as well. It’s random humour done good.

The dub wasn’t evil, but most humor goes down the toilet as the voice actress attempts to kill her voice trying to make that 1000 syllables per second – and ends up just plain yelling.

ORiginal mucho better. And they make a reference to the capital of Finland.

Excel Saga was genius, fav moments include;

Hyatt. ^^

The… what the hell were those cute things called again? 0_o Any scene with them.

Ill Palazzo insulting Key in his head.

The entire episode in space (24, I think. Just before everything blew up in a Gundam X ripoff. I loved that entire thing.

In conclusion; buy it and watch it with japanese VAs and a decent sub. :smiley:

Will the Humor improve my Posts?

Or will I just ‘ack-ack’ or sing the theme song? (ADV sites QT video - Assuming Titles)

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There’s nothing wrong with your posts.

Ask Yar Krammer…

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Really though, how bad can your posts be? I don’t find you rude or anything.

He thinks I stalk him, I on the other hand is not. and is stalking the Shoe Princess. (She knows why i called her that online)

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Ack the Debt as Struck me i’ll pay that off then buy Excel Saga.


And Nagumo, there are problems with his posts :P. Being from Britain, he shouldn’t sound like a retard that can’t make coherent sentences.

Damn you Sinistral and your reverse discrimination. What makes you think the British should form sentences better than the rest of the world can? :stuck_out_tongue:

And the Puchuus were awesome.

Damm, how could I forget about Daitenjin!? That was also an awesome ep.

I just thought his posts were more like inside jokes that nobody understood. And I do think the British should form sentences much better than everyone else…besides the Japanese. :hahaha;

Its your country’s heritage dude, so at 20, I wouldn’t expect him to sound like an AOLer.

I guess, but I know next to nothing about AOLers only that they are bashed. The Japanese part was a joke but some people are held higher or lower than others. I don’t care, either way it doesn’t matter. I bet none of what I say really matters does it? :hahaha;

About Exel Saga I’ve heard ok things about it.

Edit- This may help. Link not working so:

Current Rating: 4 stars out of 5

If you didn’t like FLCL you won’t like Excel Saga, if you DID like FLCL you still will find it hard to like this anime. This one is the absolute perversion of a cohesive understandable story, but other than that I highly recommend it because it is just plainly flat out hilariuos. From the over ecentric Excel who is killed 5 times in the first episode, to Hyatt who has the problem of dying at odd times, to even the shows Director and Creator who make frequent debuts on the show to further maximze its weirdness. Not recommended for the faint of heart, but this is one heck-a-va funny anime.

Nagumo and Sin, I do have an IQ higher than 100 (Higher = Smarter), but i’m Dislexic (attucally Dispraxic (it’s simalar to)). I wasn’t even able to write or spell my name at 7 (I once had 16 differnt versions in a week, none were correct too). You can tell when I’ve not pretyped it in Word. I had to learn Writen English if was a Forean Language, if you really want to know. I undersand most posts (but not D000d!!11 types) If you saw my handwriting you’ll be surprised that I’m here at all.

But looking back, Edited:

Yar thinks I stalk him, I, on the other hand, am not. and I am stalking the Shoe Princess. (Shoe Princess knows why I called her that name online)

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Ack! The Debt has Struck me I’ll pay that off then buy Excel Saga.

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Admins; if you have Gammer problems with a post, edit if you can understand it.

I wasn’t trying to insult you. I apologize.

Apology accepted.