Business casual = cleavage galore?

So on occaision during work I’ll be sent to the bank to get a roll of coins or pick up nightly deposit receipts, and I’ve recently realized something: all the girls have the shirts unbuttoned. Always. It might not be wrong exactly, but does this seem odd to anyone else? Shouldn’t a financial institution have more proper dress attire? It’s not like these are the bank managers trying to use their allure to convince testosterone driven clients to open a new checking account, it’s the tellers. It’s more cost efficient for banks to have people make deposits and withdrawls from ATMs, which they don’t have to pay hourly wages to.

And it’s not just the top button that’s unclasped; it’s like the stupid bimbos never learned how to fasten a button. I’d think that maybe they would try to maintain some sort of air of respectability, or is it that important to try to be comfortable and sexy even at work? If a guy were to go around with his collar open like that, it would just make him look like a slob.

These women have gone power-mad. Not like I’m complaining.

Psh, that’s it? There’s a woman who works in the financial aid office at my college that wears low-rise jeans and a thong.

Seriously, I don’t trust people who have their underwear crammed up their arse and say it doesn’t bother them. :stuck_out_tongue:

demigod, do you mean the top two buttons are unbuttoned and the shirt is , like, flared out? I think the exact same thing whenever I see them.

I don’t exactly understand what you’re complaining about (unless their cleavage is not pleasant to look at :P).

You should tell the institution about that quoting your last paragraph, though. That’d be hilarious.

Having been made to deal with banks far more than I would have liked and having spent hours in them, I can offer one piece of advice:

SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! Down here I only get 50ish hags who are just as stupid as the young bimbos they are supposed to outdo in experience. If I have to deal with an idiot whose brain takes five minutes to process “I came to pay my taxes”, I’d rather have something nice to look at in the meantime.

This country is going to the dogs, i swear to god. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

It’s nothing to do with the customers, it’s to do with how they convince the manager to give them a raise. You wouldn’t want to button down and ruffle up your skirt every time the manager came to check up on you, would you?

But what about the employees with female managers?

Manager is lesbian?

This is funny, since I was about to make a thread about how when I go to the bank I don’t see nearly enough clevage.

That is also a good way to lose the respect of your manager and make your co-workers hate you.

I don’t see what the deal is? My wife has huge breasts and uses them to get out of tickets and gain an edge on the men. It’s a man’s world in business so women use what you got to get an edge, Politically Incorrect, but true.

And … you … have no problem with your wife using “womanly wiles” on other men? And she, theoretically, has no problem with the sentiments expressed in your sig? I’m sorry, I’m inclined to be mildly skeptical, if not overtly critical of your entire outlook on the subject. Nor, incidentally, do I feel that saying “I’m sorry, but it’s true” actually excuses the political incorrectness.

Hey, I like my lower-cut shirts… but then again, I wear a lab coat. :smiley:

why would I have a problem with my wife’s cleavage?

Women in uniform are sexy. :smiley:

He’s just bragging, Yar Kramer :stuck_out_tongue:

And lying too. I mean really, a married man (and to a hot woman too?) on some RPG boards? Lies!

Well, there was Black Ninja, but he left after getting married and having a kid… and Dragon Ninja etc.

Big breasts != hot

I think that’s the way it goes anyways