Burn! BURN!! (Baldur's Gate II: ToB)

In watchers keep there’s a puzzle about lighting colored flames in the correct order, and I can’t figure it out.
Can anyone help me with it? Prefer if you know which order it is, but how to find out the order is OK too…

From Dan Simpson’s FAQ (and I know that you don’t want to risk getting spoiled more than is necessary):

Head left to the torches (x 1680 y 2860). There are 6 torches, 3 on the
left and 3 on the right. Here’s the color coding…

    Red       Blue
    Red       Purple
    Purple    Red

  Click on each torch and light them according to the pattern. (You get
  the pattern from the tiles in the two side rooms, if you're curious...
  it's easier to see if you look at the mini-map)  When all the torches
  light, the door opens and everyone gets 10,000 quest experience points.