Buried Treasures

Today I was just sorting through all my old video games, and I discovered on how much I enjoyed playing them. I set up my old systems and started to play some of them. Most of my games were for SNES. So lets reflect back and talk about all the games in our lives that we had played when were little. The ones we enjoyed, cried, laughed, screamed and Triumphed over.
Please makes the games under the year 2000, because six years seems old for a game. Also please no Final Fantasy games, it seems we all have them and we talk about them all the time.

I’ll start, so here is my list:

Donkey Kong(SNES)
Donky Kong 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest(SNES)
Donkey Kong 3(SNES)
Super Mario Bros (SNES)
Super Mario Land(SNES)
Killer Instinct(SNES)
Sim City(SNES)
Super Mario Kart(SNES)
Ken Griffy jr. MLB(SNES)

Do you guys ever recall a little game system called the Pico??
Games for the Pico:
101 Dalmations
Richard Scarry
Pochahontist(my spelling is off I believe)

Pokemon yellow,blue,silver,red,gold.
Tony Hawks pro skater 2

Brave Fencer Musashi
Chrono Trigger

So thats my list. Lets see the list of games you guys have played when you were young, or still now!

:runaway: :moogle: ::dekar!::

If it weren’t for the fact I recently had to type up a list on another forum, I probably wouldn’t bother. I’ll just C/P what I said there.

A severely incomplete list of games I own/have played:

SNES games:

Bahamut Lagoon
Breath of Fire
Chrono Trigger
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
FInal Fantasy Mystic Quest (OMG BEST GAME EVA!!!1111111oneoneoneoneone)
Illusion of Gaia
Kirby Super Star
Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Live A Live
The Lost Vikings
The Lost Vikings 2
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals
Megaman 7
Megaman X
Megaman X2
Megaman X3
OgreBattle: March of the Black Queen
Rudora No Hihou (Treasure of the Rudra)
Secret of Evermore
Secret of Mana
Secret of the Stars
Street Fighter 2
Super Bomberman
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Super Mario RPG
Super Metroid
Tales of Phantasia
The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
Zelda: Link to the Past

Zelda: Ocarina of TIme
Super Smash Brothers
Super Mario 64
Kirby 64
Quest 64
Legend of the Mystical Ninja starring GOemon… 64

Gameboy / Advanced:

Final Fantasy IV Advanced
Golden Sun
Golden Sun 2: the Lost Age
Kingdom hearts: Chain of Memories
Kirby’s Dreamland
Kirby Pinball
LUNAR Legend
SaGa (Final Fantasy Legend)
SaGa 2 (FFL2)
SaGa 3 (FFL 3)
Seiken Densetsu (Final Fantasy Adventure, first part of the Mana Series)
Seiken Densetsu… V? Whatever, Sword of Mana is its name.
Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (normal and DX)
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords


Arc the Lad Collections
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Breath of Fire 3
Breath of Fire 4
Chrono Cross
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Final Fantasy Anthology (V and VI)
Final Fantasy Collection (IV and Chron Trigger)
Final Fantasy Origins (FF1 and 2)
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2
Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Mana
LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete
LUNAR: Eternal BLue Complete
Megaman Anniversary Collection
Megaman X4
Megaman X5
Megaman X6
Parasite Eve
SaGa Frontier
SaGa Frontier 2
Tales of Destiny
Threads of Fate
Unlimited SaGa
Valkyrie Profile
Wild ARMs
Wild ARMs 2
Wild ARMs 3
Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
Wild ARMs 4 (Dear god, this game sucked)

Metroid Prime
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Smash brothers Melee (every Trophy possible gotten)
Tales of Symphonia

Games I own and still have yet to play:

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirit
Arc the Lad: Endless Age
Final Fantasy Tactics
Granstream Saga
Parasite Eve 2
Suikoden 3
Suikoden 4

That is alot of games, that puts my list to shame:bowser:


Slightly out-of-date list of games that I own. No, I’m not typing it up, and it wouldn’t really fit anyway.

Mario 1 for the GB (being an early lesson of sadism. And Batman)
Super Mario World (for being Awesome)
Mario Bros 3 (for being the only of the 3 Mario Bros games which I could finish when the files were wiped off my friend’s cartridge.
Metroid 2 for the GB (I always muted the sound, when a metroid came by and it still gives me the creeps. Love ya Metroid)
LBA 2 for PC (for being gorgeous)
Kirby’s Dreamland GB
Mario 64 and Goldeneye 64 (for they were quite something, that time)
And let’s quit with Zelda: ALTTP (SNES) and LA (GB). Love them.

Warcraft II had also quite an influence.
Honorary mention: Birthright (My liege?)

That’s an off the top of my head list, of (a portion of) the games I played growing up, the ones that made an impression on me.

Game Genie(not really a game but it should be posted),
Super Mario Bros.,
Super Mario Bros. 3(The best of the SMB Series),
Mickey’s Mousecapade,
and around 10 others I forgot the names to I remember a lot of the parts of the games except for the names so if you know a lot of SNES games I will describe them and maybe you might know.
Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow,Silver,Gold,
Cubix Race 'N Robots,
Scooby-Doo Creep Capers,
Both of the Zelda Games,
and counless others that I have lost lol.
Gex 3,
Donkey Kong 64,
Mario 64,
Zelda: Ocarina of TIme,
Super Smash Brothers
Star Wars 2,
Crash Bandicoot Racers,
I love the classics they are the foundation of gaming today.Games don’t need fancy graphics,7 hour cutscenes and great noise to be good.They need to be fun,original and addictive and most classic games are all those things and that is why I still try to play them today…Most new games are the same the revolve around the same plot.You’re the last surivor of your town/city/planet and you have to save the world/city/universe/etc…Or there is more cutscenes IN the game then the time you are ACTUALLY PLAYING IT!That is all.

Well, I’m not going to list them all, since that would take forever, but let me mention a few that meant the most to me.

First of, Dragon Warrior. I still have the original cartridge that we got through Nintendo power. This is the only RPG I ever played with both brothers, since they quickly lost interest in the genre, while it became my favorite type of game.

Let me tell you about a game called Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine for the Genesis. Back when I was younger, before I got to high school, my parents would not let me play games on schoolnights. For this game, my brothers and I disobeyed this rule. We would play matches fifty in one sitting some nights. I think some of you would know the game as Kirby’s Avalanche or Puyo Puyo. It remains my favorite puzzler, a great combination of reflex and strategy.

If anyone’s looking for a real gem that doesn’t get much attention, try Light Crusader for the Genesis. It’s an RPG/Zelda hybrid that I’ve considered shrining for RPGC, but haven’t quite been up to.

I have fond memories of all the Donkey Kong Country games, but 3 stands out due both to the slightly less linear world map set-up (it was fun discovering stuff all the time) and due to the remix of the castle theme from Mario 64 you hear when talking to Krinkly Kong.

Yes, DKC3, how could I ever forget? [Light Crusader added to the to-do list]

Kirby’s Dreamland, Val :slight_smile: The best game that ever sucked