Has anyone seen this movie? It’s a pretty poignant movie, especially in the very last frame/scene. It’s an interesting movie to me, because I’ve often wondered if I could have the apathy to kill someone. Since I’m so apathetic about death in general, a question like this has always just had an interesting ring with it.

Anyway, has anyone here seen it? Liked it? Hated it?

EDIT: Actually, I have seen this movie on HBO, I just didn’t know what it was called.

The thing I remember most from it was that the kids seemed totally out of it the whole time, and by that I mean the whole movie, not just the murder scene. I mean, totally listless, uncomprehending, in a completely different world. I don’t know how accurate the portrayle of them was, I found it hard to buy, but if it was accurate its interesting to know that a whole different world like that exists. Still, I find it hard to believe; real life druggies aren’t as dumb as those kids were in the movie.

I didn’t know it was based on a true story.

Yea, they all seem pretty mindless, especially that kid Donnie (olive green shirt), he seems so baked all the time. They did seem to live in a different world, which is interesting.

The name sounds filimare… I think i have seen it, I’m not sure though…

If ity is what i think it is, i liked it… it was alright.

Yeah, that’s a good movie. The really disturbing thing in it wasn’t even that they decided to kill the guy, since he was such an appalling character. It was their completely haphazard, detached attitude in doing so. It was just an idea they came up with when they were bored, basically. Killing someone doesn’t arise from apathy, but their apathy prevented them from even seeing it as real killing. I think their ennui was probably a little overstated (well, of course - not everyone would actually commit the murder), but I do think that the depiction is largely accurate. One very sharp part in that film was the fact that they kill the guy not only because he’s so appalling, but also because he’s the only one of them who potentially has a future if he were to choose to make something of himself. He’s the only one out of all of them who has a chance at going to college, while they all have shitty fast food jobs and dropped out of school, and they hate him for that as well.

Larry Clark’s first movie Kids is even better, in my opinion. And his early books of photography are extremely powerful.

Yea, I caught all that. It’s pretty mindblowing how they never saw it as anything. They were all disgusted by it, but from them seemingly telling everybody in sight, they didn’t really have a firm grasp of what had happend.

I liked the camera work in this movie, it helped to tell the story very well, and helped to put emphasis on what was going on to make sure that you, the viewer, understood what was going on even if the characters did not.

Bully, is that the one with Rick Moranis? Yeah I dont watch crap.

I think I may have watched it from the descriptions given. The name doesn’t ring any bells though…

Originally posted by Charlemagne
Bully, is that the one with Rick Moranis? Yeah I dont watch crap.

I dunno who it is, but the movie is really good.

For those unsure:

Bully is about two kids named Marty and Bobby, who have been best friends for a long time. Bobby bosses Marty around quite a bit, and bullys him to an extent. There comes a time where Bobby doesn’t let Marty go home and see his family, and tries to keep him from his girlfriend, Lisa. Meanwhile, Bobby rapes a friend of Lisa’s, Ali. As such, the group enlist the help of their palm beach friends, Heather and Donnie, and Lisa’s cousin, (whose name I dont remember, so we’re gonna call him Big Fat Bob, or BFB for short), and a gangster type guy who has expierence in killing people ( I guess ). Everyone in the cast is a pretty heavy drug user.

Anyway, the magic of this movie is as SK described, that all the way to the climax of the movie, the killing of Bobby, the gangster guy is trying to give everyone a level head, the help them realize that yes, they are in fact going to kill someone, and no, it is not a game, yes if they get caught they will go to jail and that jail won’t be pleasent, however nobody seems to catch on. After the murder is done with, the group begins to self destruct - people start to freak out, people start blaming each other and removing the blame from themselves. An annymous call is placed to the local police office naming the group as the killers (and the annymous caller is never revealed, I don’t think. At the very end Marty accuses Heather of being the snitch, but I don’t believe that).

This movie is good on multiple levels - as I stated earlier, the camera work is very good, and the murder scene is very well done. No music, and a steady heartbeat plays in the background while Bobby stumbles around being stabbed and beaten. That scene and the final scene with the verdicts are both pretty poignant.

ok then, well yeah, I haven’t seen it. :stuck_out_tongue: