Building some hatred

I installed Kazaa a few hours ago, and now I’ve just had my first dose of spyware in months. Can someone please post a link to one of those sites that detect the spyware you have in your machine, and those programs that remove the little beasts?

Get Ad-aware. It’s beautiful.

Many thanks

The problem is that if you use Adaware to clean out the spyware, Kaaza refuses to run…

<img src=“”> Get <a href=“”>Spybot</a> while you’re at it. It finds some stuff that Ad-Aware doesn’t.

Does Lite have spyware on it?

<img src=“”> Yes, just less.

cough cough DirectConnect cough

I first discovered how to do that from Rast’s site…at first I couldn’t manually uninstall them but I tried a couple times and it was actually quite fun. I felt important.

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cough cough DirectConnect cough

<img src=“”> I agree with Wert! :open_mouth:

And I’d like to add BitTorrent and IRC.

Get SpyHunter. It won’t clean it up for free, but it gives you the address and you can delete it yourself. I was able to delete most of it. All of it except one, but it has a .dll that runs constantly making it impossible to delete by normal means.

Thank you all. I’m getting rid of it today:get it?:

What exactly does spyware do?

<img src=“”> It makes your computer suck. (Sends info to other places, records what you do, replaces DNS servers… generally bad things. It all depends on the program.)

Does anyone have a list of the spy- and ad-ware that Kazaa LITE installs? When I run Search and Destroy, it gives me a long list but doesn’t seem to be right…

<img src=“”> Oh, but it is. But it is. Delete it all.

I’ve been meaning to do something like this, thanks a lot guys.

Spyware has a way of trying to sound positive so that you don’t want to get rid of it, as well. For example; there’s this certain one on my machine called InternetOptimizer. That sounds like a good thing, but in reality, it doesn’t do anything other than hijack error pages and create pop-up ads out of nowhere, which make full-screen games that much harder to play.