Build a fort!

In Half Life 2, Death match. Spray. And you get this!

… XD

Please explain

Does the fort hold up against enemy attacks?

Would the fort hold up better if it were a couch fort? Or a pillow fort? :smiley:

I want to know how you got exploding barrels on the pile without them exploding.

I just went onto a Team Deathmatch, where we weren’t allowed use weapons except grenades, the crowbar, stunstick, and the Gravity Gun to build. So I asked if I could use it to build a fort. It just sort of went from there.
And Epic, I don’t know. We just did.
Oh, and this was an joint effort between both teams. >>;;

Then whats with the dead guy?

I think some asshole was just after coming on and was ruining it for everyone. He got kicked good. :smiley:

How to solve any problems in video game: kill 'em.