Brutal and funny music




Interesting stuff.

Though I prefer Dethklok for my death metal needs.

Ah yeah, I remember those. In fact my band was talking about those two just last month.

I heard the parrot from Hatebeak died, but I could be wrong. Regardless, these bands are absolutely ridiculous. I should give them a re-listen when I get home…

and Dethklok for death metal? Blah, what a joke. All they are is Scandinavian power metal tuned down to C with death metal vocals. Not very death metal. I guess sort of… but regardless there are way better death metal bands to check out, Ultratech87:

Bolt Thrower
Entombed (first two albums)
Morbid Angel
Pestilence (from Holland I think)
Cryptopsy (earlier the better)

The list could go on and on but those are some classics I think anyone who listens to death metal should know and hear. I’ll post the co-responding myspace links when I get home.

Also a good band that I’ve recently got into is Cianide. They’re pretty heavy, and have a nice subtle doom sound to their music.

I don’t like death metal much. Most of it is so chaotic, it’s hard to grab any meaning from it beyond catching the beat, which is usually a boring one in death metal.

I’ll take some Kamelot though.

It is definitely an acquired taste. As for meaning, usually you can get a lot of atmosphere from the overall composition, such as doom, power, extremity, and nihilism. And the actual riffs are fun as fuck to play.

If you like Kamelot, check out some Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Edguy, Iced Earth, Mercyful Fate (you might dig it), King Diamond (if you like the MF), Helloween, and… well I’ll leave it at that. They all play a similar style, with strong use of melody while still being fast and heavy.

Well…I have odd tastes in Music. Dethklok’s ok since I actually enjoy a few of their songs (Hatredcopter is fun to annoy people with…haha). As per actual death metal, I don’t really listen to a lot of it just out of the fact I don’t have a lot of time to mess with it. Though I’ll take into consideration some of your suggestions, Gila.

I really don’t care much for the lyrics if it’s got a good chaotic beat or sounds really metal-like. Though most of my tastes lay more in heavy rock. (And the occasional oddball that may find its way towards me.)

It’s worth noting that the bassist of Cynic, who played in one of the albums of Pestilence, learnt his parts in 8 hours.

No love for Wolverine Blues, Gila?

I haven’t even heard that album. But regardless, I’m recommending death metal, not death rock. I enjoy Carcass’ Swansong so I might enjoy Wolverine Blues too.