Bruce Allmighty

I just saw this for te first time…I found it quite enjoyable. Not Jim Carrey’s best work, but still very enjoyable. IMHO, I think that THIS is the kind of movie that Carrey should stick to making. :slight_smile:

So, what did you all think of it?

Sorry, I dont watch CRAP!

Damn…I wanna see that movie and compare it with his classics like Dumb and Dumber and Liar Liar…it looks like the standard Jim Carrey comedy, I’m looking forward to seeing it actually, we haven’t had a moronic comedy movie from him for ages:D

It’s no Liar Liar, but still not bad.

It’s actually good. Now if people can only push their hatred of Jim Carey aside enough to watch it…

Just saw it last night. It had a lot of memorable lines… my roommate and I will be saying “It’s goooood” for the rest of the school year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another think I liked about it was it felt like Jim Carrey was really being himself… like it was a natural sort of funny, how he behaves IRL.

The movie was good, but I think that Jim Carrey has too much talent to do nothing but comedys. He has been great in his dramatic roles as well. Look at The Majestic, I think that was his best work.

The Majestic was EXTREMELY good for someone who switched from dumb humour to dark tear jerking drama. That was a good movie for people who hates JC’s comedic movies… though I just love them all.

His best movie is easily Man on the Moon - the best of both Jim Carrey worlds. Andy Kaufman humor and Jim Carrey drama.

I saw it the saturday after it opened, and I was pleasently suprised. It was a great movie.


It’s gud!
Do you like jazz?
The part where he messes with Evan’s Mouth and Teleprompter
The Salene S7 (his car)
Jennifer Anniston’s Orgasms.
Jennifer Anniston in general…
Catherine Bell
The Meteor

More than that, I just can’t rememeber them. Overall a great movie.

I am SO going to be saying “B-E-utiful.” :slight_smile:

BTW, I loved the “buttmonkey” scene, and I think I laughed the most when he was screwing with the other news anchor. :o

I think I got a bigger kick out of it because I live in Buffalo. Here are a few things I thought that were pretty funny or very accurate that haven’t been mentioned yet:

  1. The channel 7 logo was the same as in Buffalo and they do call it “Eyewitness News”. We however do no thave a channel 5. That’s HBO on my TV.
  2. John Murphy is a real sports newscaster for channel 7.
  3. I don’t particulary follow hockey, but it would be cool if the Sabres won the Stanley Cup.
  4. The lottery thing, I wish they’d got Yolanda Vega (the local lottery girl that has a great accent) to do something.

Like Sorc says, there’s too many to list. Overall I thought it a great movie, I guess for me epecially because I live in Buffalo. I’m definitely going to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

I’ve never seen Man on the Moon or the Majestic so I can’t compare, but I think The Truman Show is his best work.