Browser Assistance

A certain minor problem has been vexing and confounding me for the past month or so, mostly because my knowledge of browsers is limited.

For some reason or other, whenever I return to a page which I have visited beforehand the page does not update; I need to click Refresh in order to see any updates. As such, reading threads and editing messages has become tedious and annoying, since I must constantly click Refresh. Does anyone know how I may remedy this? I have searched through settings of my browser several times and I have reset the default settings, but without avail.

Any assistance shall be greatly appreciated.

If you are using IE:
Internet Options
Every Time you visit the page

They do this by default since it slows your comptuer/browser down by reloading it every time you visit the page.

Your advice has appeared to remedy the problem. ‘Never’ was selected for reasons which are beyond me.

In any case, thank you very much. :cool:

Another good solution. :mwahaha:

Gah, I freaking hate opera, if anything use Mozilla Firebird or my personal favorite, Flashpeak’s Slimbrowser (which runs off of IE, so if you currently have no problems with IE, except that it’s lacking features like tabbed browsing or a good pop-up blocker, you should get this).