So, I keep hearing that Bridget from Guilty Gear X2, who is actually a guy, was raised as a girl because of some kinda taboo about twin sons being bad luck where he’s from … but I’ve heard ZILCH about Bridget’s twin brother, who thus by logic must exist. Anyone know anything about Bridget’s brother? At the very least his name?

His name was Hank, and he hung out at that bar two blocks down from Shakey’s…

lol, I’ve got no clue, I didnt follow Bridget’s history when I found out she was a he… Disturbing… I follow capcom oriented things more though.

BTW, have you played Guilty Gear Isuka? Its 4 player and is friggin crazy…

Uh, no. I’ve only actually played the GBA thing, which wasn’t very informative, and was only based on GGX. I hope to get my hands on the PS2 games, however …

Yeah, GGX2 is out of print, or at least, Gamestop’s warehouses dont stock it anymore. Your best bet is to try and get it used at a gamestore or on ebay… But in the end, if you are looking to get serious into a fighting game the fan base is bigger for Street Fighter and with Street Fighter Anneversary collection (Hyper Street Fighter 2 & Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) coming out for playstation2 in september (and xbox, january) you’ll be set with one of the best fighters of all time.

A bigger fanbase doesn’t mean is better,and from what i have played i like Guilty Gear a hole lot better than the street fighters(that doesn’t mean i don’t like it),as for the topic,no fricken idea i even doubt they mentioned a name.

A bigger fanbase doesnt always mean it’s better, true. However, in this case, it means you’ll more easily find people who you can play with and be a decent challenge. Because of that, you’ll also find that you arent sitting in your house playing GGX2 by yourself all day long as apposed to being in an arcade playing 3rd Strike or Capcom vs SNK2 with the real players.

Then again, I’m basing my judgement of guilty gear off of the fan base here in Bellevue Washington. Where we have several of the top Capcom v SNK 2 and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike players from the world practicing at our Lan Worx arcade. John Michael places in the top 10 every year at EVO as well as some others who arent as notable as he.

FYI Evo is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, and it is happening this weekend. Damn, I wish I could have gone… >_<

So in short- with fighting games, I think fan base is very important. Because what the hell is the point of being awsome at somthing like the Guilty Gear when no one around you is playing it? For personal preference maybe? That is utterly valid and a great reason, however, I play for the competition and playing against the computer isnt competition.

I’m asking the name of Bridget’s brother, not which fricking game’s better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but no one seems to know, or at least, those who do have yet to tell us. And then theres the fact that almost all threads speed off track eventually…

Dude. They know about EVO, been spamming it here for 2 years, and SG came close to actually going to 2K3 for Super Turbo.

Also, GGXX has a very cult-like fanbase, however, you won’t find it on, you’ll need to go to GCC in order to actually find them, and to find more history on the GG world in general, visit

It’s maintained by Ed Chang (skuldnoshinpu) and other people who I can’t remember. BEST english source for anything GG other than actual game strats.

Izlude, you want a game with no US fanbase? VF4:EVO. Best fighting game ever in my opinion, no comp wherever you go.

In any case, most people don’t want comp in those games, as the games have been so advanced by the players that it’s almost impossible to get into. I’ve tried.

VF4:EVO and GGX2 are the best fighting games ever.

I liked the first Virtua Fighter, I like Guilty Gear X and X2, dont get me wrong. But I just prefer SF3:3rd Strike over all others. Not because of the style of the game, or because of how cool the characters, or not even because of the fan base, but rather one very important fact.

The gameplay is solid as a rock. Now, Marvel vs. Capcom is stupid ass crazy shit. It does involve skill, but jesus, that game is too crazy.

DOA2 doesnt have much of a fanbase around here either, as far as games that rock with literally no comp.

Some people say that sidescroller fighting games are old shit, or that they arent as good as 3d fighters, but IMO…
Theres two MAIN reasons for that opinion,

  1. They got thier asses pwned and didnt like it enough to get good and understand the system…
  2. They just like 3d games more because of preference.

2 is valid, and I’m assuming the people who preffer the 3d fighters have tried the good 2d games at least, in order to get a real opinion.

If I had to pick a fave 3d fighter it would be hands down Soul Calibur 2. It’s a newer puppy on the playing field, but the system is very refined and offers alot.

Uh … the only mention I can find of Bridget in that site is in the Wallpaper section. And threads bouncing away from the topic is all well and good, but if it’s asking for information on a particular subject, it is kinda frustrating to the person asking for said infomration when people start tossing around arguments over which of two completely different games are better.

Czech the forums then. Most of the good juicy info will be on there.

What is this Guilty Gear Isuka? Is that JP only?

It’s coming to the US this fall, I believe. It’s a 4-player Guilty Gear. Think of it as SSBM GG-ified.

that sounds pretty freaken sweet

Very chaotic and amusing, it seems. I’m obviously going to purchase it.

Yes, Maybe… However, there are some arcades that have it already. I dont know if it’ll be coming to american consoles, I think it all depends on the popularity of the arcade version, which is crazy…

Actually, they already announced its release. I just don’t have it offhand. (BTW : those arcades have the Japanese version if I recall correctly…or was that only for GGX2)

Right, I’m getting that, just as soon as I have a budget for it and the first two GGX’s. (Yes, I know they’re actually sequels to the original Guilty Gear, so stfu.)