Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

is there a way to reset/lower ryu’s D-counter?
also, regarding the ‘Colony’, what does the Smh stat of the ants stand for? the Tst means taste right?

Starting a new game(due to game over or you just use your data to start anew) is the only way I can remember. And the ant thing, I’ll edit when I remember. Unless SG comes in and beats me to it.

  1. There is no way. Just be cautious with it.

  2. Smt Means ‘Smarts’, and is for things like Research, for example. Tst means ‘Taste’, and will help for any job that that requires, well, taste in aesthetics, like the little Cafeteria job, for example. Some Fairies will tell you what Abilities a job entails when you build the certain building. Like, when you get the Newspaper, the fairy will tell you that you need one person with Guts (HP), one person with Smarts, and one person with Taste. So be sure to ask the fairies if you can’t guess what Abilities a certain job will entail.

HAH I knew you’d beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, gimme a break :stuck_out_tongue: