Breakout...with Gnomes!

Everybody loves those little brick breakin’ games. And surely enough, there’s been hundreds of the bastards. So what makes this one special?

Gnomes. That’s right, gnomes.

In addition to bouncing your ball, you also have to do battle with little gnomes who try their best to get in your way. Knock 'em down and juggle the bastards to get bonus points.

The game is free to download, and you can buy a CD containing 100 extra levels. (That’s on top of the 50 that you get with the free version.)

Haha, fun, but not worthing paying for, sorry. :wink:

Not even worth the bandwidth!

nifty game… but I wouldn’t ever pay for a game that’s almost exactly like many other free games :hahaha;

But it’s fun! Especially when you popup a known with a exploding block or ball, and they come down in high speeds and hit the paddle.


Meh, I like the game with the flying penguin better.