Brave Fencer Musashi vs. Joe Musashi

Brave Fencer Musashi is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME. I mean come on. His hair is so much cooler than Joe’s. His sword, Lumina, has fucking cars named after it! I like Brave Fencer Musashi so much, I drive a Lumina to show my support. Do the right thing, vote BFM >:(

P.S. I think we all know who’s braver, and who’s the better fencer.



Joe Musashi is the protagonist for the Shinobi games, for those who don’t know.

And I don’t know about the PS2 one, but the SMS and Genesis Shinobi games are wicked awesome.

Let’s go Joe!

I kill both of them every day.

8=====D <----------- This means vote for ME. Go SG!

SG’s could easily overpower either Musashi with his wang-fu

Brave Fencer is a bitchin’ series. As much as i’d like to vote for an ascii penis, i just gotta support a good game.

Brave Fencer for me too, you just gotta love the little turd.

SG said he represented the third option so I voted for that.

fucking dirtfarmer BAD

It’s not my fault; SG said he’d rape my children if I didn’t vote for the ASCII wang. :frowning:

I always thought ASCII wangs looked like this: 3==========>

As opposed to using D at the end, because it just looks too rounded to me. Not that the arrow looks particularly good either, but you work with what you have.


Huricane Upper

Hey Shinobi, YEAH!!! Ryyyuken!

It looks like a lot of people love the cock.

WTF rigged >:(