Brave Fencer Musashi Sequel



YES INDEED Shinobi,at last they’re making it,ironic that just a couple of days ago i was replaying Brave Fencer Musashi and thought they should make a sequel.

that game sucked ass

so does louis the pious!

oh! OH! somones gonna get a visit from Louis, when you least expect it, buddy.

My hon-hon is going to do a triple somersault in happiness when I tell her about this. 8)

It’s about damn time. BFM was great…except for the final boss (which is pretty much impossible, I had a hell of a time beating it even with gameshark).

That’s great news! I enjoyed the first one…excellent voice acting!

Wasn’t the only point of BFM to include a demo disc for one of the FF games? Kinda like ZOE came with MGS2? I’ve never actually played the game (never released in Europe) so I don’t know how good it is.

Pierson, that’s like saying Vagrant Story was released only to promote Square’s summer 2000 lineup. And Vagrant Story has far too much effort put into it for that. So does Brave Fencer Musashi; it’s a very good game with a fun story to tell.

I guess.

I would have said ‘Wooh!’, but I don’t even know what it is about. Someone enlighten me.

HOLY CRAP! I am excited this had better kick some serious ass.

Yea he was hard, the first time I played I had to use a turbo controller to absorb him, but recently I played though again and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to beat him and he was alot easier than expected.

Brave Fencer Musashi was awesome. The character and location names were priceless. The only one I remember off hand was Alucanet (pronounced All You Can Eat).

And I think the bad guys were the Thirstquencher Empire and the final level was called The Soda Fountain. That was such a great game.

Here is the first screens of the game,and i have to say they look promising.

Very nice.

Man, BFM was such a sick game. :smiley: I can’t WAIT to play the sequel. :smiley:

…And am I the only one who thought the last boss wasnt that hard? I hardly even REMEMBER the last boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay,now you all got me wondering,which of the last boss’s forms was the hard one?Because the first time i finished the game he was awfully hard,especially if you don’t know what to do,but i finished it a few days ago and was easy.

First form:You can easily beat him if you can time the Rumparoni SP attack on his farhead if not,then is a little bit trickier

Second form:Hardest form if you don’t know that you need to use Fusion,and then be quick tapping the square button.

Yeah, I wasn’t too fond of it either. Still trying to rid myself of it ;p

Maybe I’ll give it a final go-around this summer before I dump it on ebay… shrugs