Brains! I need your (spelling and grammar-inclined) brains!

We have a shrine about ready to roll out by a first-timer, but before we do, I need one or two people to volunteer to run through the shrine real quick and do some spelling/grammar fixes. There’s nothing major to be done, just the usual copy-editing. It’s not a terribly large job. For your effort, you will receive: nothing material. I’d imagine you’d get some sort of fluttery feeling of pleasure, though.

I’m up for it. Just give me a link and I’m good to go.

yuo maY need my brians, btu I want your skuuuuu-uuuuls!

j0b plz :slight_smile:

@150 p@n75

Editor’s Translation: May I inquire about the opportunity for emploment. I would be most pleased with a response, in fact I would be quite delighted.

May I make an additional request for a garment that conceals the human body from the ankles to the waist that also provides storage compartments for a number of small items of varying value.