Boxers or Briefs?

Dude, you’re talking, like, major ass sizes here. I wear a size that fits in my GODDAMN PANTS, not ACTS LIKE A PAIR OF PANTS :stuck_out_tongue:

It isn’t a magnetic field, fool, it’s a COMFERT FIELD! Geez, get with the TIMES.

Everyone knows boxers are magic tools of the gods sent down to us on the same handbasket that cookie dough and artificial teeth came in :stuck_out_tongue:


Never mention underwear and false teeth in the same sentence again.

Hades, your pants should keep your penis from flopping around madly. True, if you walk around in boxers your balls bounce, but if you wear pants, they are nice and snug.

Sorc :open_mouth: You are so wise. I’ll try that.

Briefs are just too constricting. The few times that I’m forced to wear them (Because I’m out of boxers), I find myself constantly rearranging my package, becasue it feels like a 500 pound sumo wrestler just did a body slam on my sack.

If I ever run out of boxers I just go commando- There is no size of briefs imaginable that could fit around my arse and not make it feel like I have a tennis ball pushed into my groin, and besides, has anyone ever heard of riding? :-/ I didn’t want to go there, but you forced me… and as for the size of my dick, if you want proof, all you need do is ask. :-p

drools…Must not ask for proof…knocks self out with frying pan ^ o ^ (thats me moogle smiley thank you ;p)

I think both are sexy and fun to take off. If I was a guy I’d wear boxers. I’ll wear boxers anyways because…some guys like their girlfriends wearing their underwear. :open_mouth: Cooties!

Silk panties!

I’ll have my boyfriend use boxers; as they hide more: It’d be much more like opening a Christmas present.

Well… depends.

No no no. Not that sort of “Depends” you twits.

I generally go without or boxers. Right size non-withstadning, I don’t mind “flopping around” and briefs itch to all hell.

Whatever’s clean. Which means when I’ve forgotten to do laundry for two weeks, it’s time to go commando.

Mmm, bikini. ^.^

Boxers look hot on guys… briefs look kinda silly. XD

I like those boxer-brief things, those are cool.

Boxers. That way you don’t look like you’re wearing your girlfriend’s underwear. (Although I have heard rumors that some people here who have said “briefs” do wear panties…I won’t meantion names.)

Boxers -
pros: room to breath, they cover more (if you need to change in a not-so-private place, like backstage or a play, or in a men’s locker room), they’re ok to have above your pants-line, comfortable to have between the jewels and the jeans.
cons: if you don’t size them right you can get too much moving around, things aren’t “held” in place (so sometimes you need to adjust).

Briefs -
pros: things are held in place (preventing the need to adjust), they show a lot (in case you LIKE guys seeing you in the locker room).
cons: too tight (any that are tight enough to fit my waiste don’t fit the rest), white (dark colors are better, IMO), minimal coverage (see above examples), annoying “out-pocket” (you know what I mean), when you need to adjust (no matter what you’re wearing you need to adjust sometimes) it’s far harder, since it’s tighter.

So, I say boxers. I haven’t worns briefs in years.

And GG, what did you put? Commando, huh?

lolz!!! funny.
Yupyup! Briefs are kewl. Its got this flopping-prevention system that keeps my “equipment” in place. There’s no need to worry about sperm counts… I’ve been wearing briefs since the days that I don’t need daipers no more, and my sperm count is still pretty good… :thud:

I wear briefs when I run, but when I’m not I wear boxers. Yay yay for freedom!

Briefs when in uniform, boxers all the other times. When in uniform it is better to have the package kept tight (such as when I’m running). Also when doing courses, there is a lot of up and down and crawling around that you don’t want a lot of flopping because it could hurt. Such as we have one obstacle called “The Dirty Name” because it can hurt that area and you REALLY don’t want flopping then. However, the ret of the time is boxers…unless I’m out which ocassionally happens.

Also, I’ve been told the same thing as Neb. In fact, I heard that there were some problems back when guys use to wear tights pants for the same reason.

Definately boxers, I like to feel free and airy down there (Kilts are the best things ever made BTW). Also my girlfriend loves them so yeah, I’m forced to wear boxers :P.

Since you all dont have breasts I never thought there would be any talk of flopping around. Now I can see how horribly wrong I was. How silly of me. I feel for you floppers. It hurts.