"borrowing" information


Things that are plain old facts are generally okay when permission is taken and credit is given (since the other option is just getting all the exact same information but the hard way). We try to discourage getting walkthroughs etc., but if there’s some really complete information out there, and original work would take an inordinate amount of time, there might be leniencies there too.

Firstly, you need permission before taking anything. You should probably ask if you can HTMLize their information too, since some FAQ-writers let people use their stuff, but only if they keep it in the original .txt file.

Second, you need to be careful, since there’s a lot of misinformation out there too. It’s no good to use somebody else’s information that has inaccuracies or typos that get repeated in your shrine. For this reason, it’s generally better to get your own info when possible.

Also, a lot fo the time, other lists of stuff simply aren’t as complete as they can be. Like… an item list might be missing locations, or an enemy list might be missing item drops or something. So, if you absolutely must borrow something that might not be as complete as you’d like, you might want to ask permission to add info when necessary too.

Put simply: You need to be fair, but you also need to look out for what’s best for the shrine at all times. Sometimes, that does mean using somebody else’s information, but you need to use discretion when doing so.