I’m bored, borededy bored bored bored. Bleeehhhhh, I’m bored. What should I do?

You should photoshop something really cool!

You should listen to some really hardcore music, or play a video game, or read a book, or take a nap, or go to the mall, or talk to some friends, or scream into your pillow, or any of those other things that people here tell other people to do when they’re feeling angsty.

I’m not saying you’re angsty… it just seems like a way to pass the time, especially if you do all of those things.

Well, when I’m bored, I like to go online! … oh, wait a minute… never mind…

Vicki, whats you AIM name or MSN address? or ICQ number?

Subtle there, Charl =P

Draw or write something if your’ bored as a result of being angry/angsty. or play a good stress-busting game. Like many puzzle games. If your’ just plain bored… look around your’ house for something to do that you haven’t in a long time (that you had fun doing). Then force yourself to do it, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Jeez, I cant be bored without being Angry/Angsty? wtf? I’m not, I’m just BOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEDDDDD, I’m makin rice, so in 15 minutes I wont be bored for as long as it takes me to scoop it into a bowl.

How about another “Where Am I?” thread. That last one was pretty cool, Charl.

Write me a letter.


Go game some. Try an RPG.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
I’m bored, borededy bored bored bored. Bleeehhhhh, I’m bored. What should I do?

I sent you a suggestion via MSN. =)

Let’s lite up a doobie and watch porn.

Been there, done that. Nothing special.

Start a bonfire.

Start writing a massively long story and post it on the media forum. That’s what I do. But almost no one likes me so they don’t read it.

Browse that site for awhile. But heed my advice; Save “Defend your castle” for a last resort. Once you start, the time melts away like butter on a hot english muffin.

Crush the weak and slaughter the innocent.

Re-awakened my love of yahtzee :thud: :wink:

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