?Books and ?Weapons in ToP?

How can i read the ?books?
and how can i use the ?Weapons?

I dont know hoe to identify those things?

Use Rune Bottles. Rune Bottles most likely can’t be bought where you are (yet), but check the item/equipment stores just in case. Also, Rune Bottles change certains items (like Aqua Mantle/Flame Mantle) or make them better (like Savory/Red Savory), so experiment with them when you are able to buy them.

I suggest you save before identifying. You see, Rune Bottles cost a small fortune when you are first able to buy them and it hurts your pocket when you use them to get a crappy Longsword. There are better things to spend your money on, like evolving the stat-increasing herbs and buying the Mecha Halbred.


Know i know how…