Boogiepop Phantom

Any one seen it? I’t really odd but also really cool.

I have.
It rules. Rules badly. Everyone should watch Boogiepop Phantom and marvel! Just take care to watch all of it, or you can’t even hope to make any sense out of anything since the timeline isn’t linear.

I gotta get back into watching it. I watched the first few episodes and really enjoyed it. Just confusing since I never saw the end.

I’ve just started watching it, I got the first DVD for xmas. It seems really REALLY strange. What’s supposed to be going on?

You won’t begin to find out until the second last episode, that’s when they begin to reveal the actual plot. It’s extremely difficult to explain, and I’ve always been of the opinion that things can be interpreted differently: So I’m going to leave it to yourself.

Just don’t give up till you have seen all of it, and preferably twice. And if you get really stuck, the commentaries are both interesting and explainatory.

It wiill make sence in episode 5… the first four episodes happen at the same time, and they are twisting into each other… I am gonna make a Boogiepop cosplay,…

wait a minut… “Boogiepop phantom”… what an awesome name!

Good stuff . . . you can watch it to get a good scare every once in a while. Or is that just me? 0_0

I watch it on Tech TV.

only seen 2 episodes. Preeety weird.

Originally posted by Gizamaluke
[b]I watch it on Tech TV.

only seen 2 episodes. Preeety weird. [/b]

I’ve seen three, and I’m hooked.:hyperven:

I think I’ve seen most of it finally, only a few more episodes to go…It probably would have made more sense by now if I hadn’t skipped around.