Im thinking of picking up this neat looking GBA game, since its a bargain now (13 bucks) compared to the 70 when it debuted.

If you are out of the loop, its an action-RPG by Hideo Kojima (yea, the MGS guy) that is about a vampire slayer named Django. He fights off vampires with his solar gun.

What makes the game interesting is the fact that it comes with a built in UV ray sensor, which effects gameplay. You actually have to go outside to play this game, since the sun give you ammunition for you gun.

So what im wondering is, is this a good game? Anyone here played it? How much of an impact of gameplay does the UVsensor make? Is it worth even buying?

It’s a pretty good game, I played the rom (it was hacked so you could control how much light the game thought it was getting) but it would be pretty necessary to have sunlight while you are playing it.

And it HAS to be sunlight. Electrical light just won’t cut it. And if it happens to be a cloudy day, you’re boned.

I’ve heard that the game itself is good, but the solar thingy can be a pain at times.

No it doesnt HAVE to be sunlight, but it has to have UV light. So yeah.

It’s an encouragement for gamers to go the fuck outside. I love it already.

I heard it was pretty good; I just watched one of my friends play it. ^^ The UV sensor can get annoying, but it’s probably worth buying.