Bob Dole Is Morpheus

Blue Pill + Red Pill = Purple Pill (Nexium, The Bob Dole Pill)



impossible, he would need three arms, SLJ lost an arm in the filming of Snakes on a Plane

Your logic is absolutely flawless, Sir. It must be true.

When I read the title of this thread it thought it was referring to The Sandman.

Did you ever read the Lucifer spin off?

No, I’m actually reading The Sandman for the first time right now. I just finished volume 6.

What an awesome story.

What might this “Sandman” thing be?

A comic book by Neil Gaiman.

Fixed, no need to thank me.

oh sorry that was a typo.

huh, sounds familiar

<3 Gaiman. A new book by him comes out this month. Am excited.

Tell me more.

It was sposed to come out last nov. Has been p;ushed back again, for a definite first week of july release.
Coffee-table style book called ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’. Amanda Palmer is amazing, he’s amazing, its all grand.

I went to school with a girl named Amanda Palmer.

By Coffee-Table Style, you mean it’s 700+ pages, right?

I mean, it looks like a coffee table book. Lots of large photos, and text.

Did you go to high school in Lexington mass? because if you did, it could be her.

She’s a musician, and Neil Gaiman’s girlfriend.

Nope, wrong Amanda Palmer.