Bob and George

The latest story reminded me of Hades. Its interesting we know the ending before the start though. Ninjas lose :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, people still read that awful comic? :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t read it in years.

But I just wanted to post here to tell Sin his new avvie is hawt. :smiley: :smiley:

Yes shoves Kerpo in a meat grinder

Dude, do you have the frog suit from SMB3 on? :3

Yes. throws the ground meat of Kero into an incinerator

sniffles Thanks man. I didn’t know you thought about me outside of the times we totally flame each other. bursts into tears I love you man ;_;

By the way, your avatar keeps getting hotter and hotter.

Now that you apparently have hottness down, you need to start working on image quality. The people won’t stay satisifed long with low resolution images!

I still read it, but it’s failed to brighten my day for a very long time.

I stopped reading it when it got lame. Which was really in the beginning, but it was sorta interesting.

yes flushes ashes down a public toliet :moogle:

Don’t mess with Bob and Georgeism. :hahaha;

I just took a look at it… wow. That comic blows. Even in the beginning, so don’t whine to me about how great it was. It’s worse than Eight Bit (which actually had a good era).

I don’t know why I bother to read it; it’s never funny or anything.

YES. [blows up the toilet] And Sin, you keep looking more and more badass.

Only fools. rescues Kero with a time machine

It still has its moments, although most of the original humor has dried up.

Actually, speaking as someone who mostly reads webcomics and stuff to see what happens next, I’m mostly in it for the (relatively-good) fancomics. :smiley:

Full agreement with <strike> comrade Stalin</strike> Yar. The newest fancomics most. Karnak, NW, KittyKaboom et al rock.

…Jailhouse Blues is still the best. I mean, “Bubba Man.” Priceless.