Bob and George r teh backzor!

Just thought you wanted to know :slight_smile: It’s alive again, wohoo!



Yay:yipee: it’s back up. The site seems a bit slow but better than nothing.

YAY! does a little dance

takes the chance to dance as well Naf naf!

Stopped caring since the downage of the site

Yay. :yipee:

didn’t care before the downage of the site

Heh. Finally. That took a while…

And Orian, don’t you have somehting better dto do than posinting “I don’t care”? Just wondering.

Personally, I never quite liked Bob and George, there are a lot more higher quality and funnier web comics out there, but hey, good news anyway.

Never saw Bob and George. Never really plan to either. But hey, woo, the site’s back up.

Well… uh… good for those who liked it I guess! Woohoo?