K, this is getting on my nerves. See, after I uninstalled this program that had tried to take over every single fricking image file type, .BMPs aren’t working. When you double click on a BMP file, it opens in “Windows Picture and Fax Viewer” even though under “Tools => Folder options => file types” it says the default is to open with Windows Paint. When right click and do “open with => choose program” and change it to Paint, it ignores everything after the first space in the full path (“C:\Documents.bmp was not found”). And the opening options (Preview/Open/Edit/Print) aren’t even the same ones as the ones listed in file types (open/printto). So WTF?

Oh, and when I actually deleted the .BMP extension with the intentions of making it again, the system automatically registered it with WP&FV again. So, anyone know how to make it not do that, or failing that, how good an idea it will be to uninstall Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?