Blue Gender

Hey has anyone seen Blue Gender? I want to see it but I’ve yet to. How is it?

Well anyone who watches Cartoon network’s adult swim religiously then yes some people have seen it. It was on last summer, i thought it was great, I’d compare it to starship troopers. Don’t let the movie comparsion fool you though. The series has a lot more to offer, and i only compare it to starship troopers for its fighting giant bugs. I wish there was more then 26 epsiodes though. There is manga for it isn’t there?

*yes i know Starship Troopers was a book before it was a movie, i even know the author is Robert Heinlein, uh right?

I saw most of the episodes of it, but it just never caught my interest. Hmm, maybe it’s the fact that there are giant bugs in that anime… nods yep, that must be it… I mean, I can’t even handle regularly sized bugs!

cough, cough Ahem… anyway, it is a pretty good anime. I’d say it’s worth trying.

It’s ok. Futuristic world with giant bugs. Yeah, kinda like Starship Troopers.

Gemini: I’ve seen it, It was okay. Lots of bugs, and Marlene is focused on her mission.
Joey: And I died in the fifth episode.
Gemini: [joke]and for some reason, insect repellant doesn’t work.[/joke]