Blue Collar COmedy Tour

I just got done watching this show which was awsome. There was just one joke that I never got. Remember the part with Jeff Foxworthy when he said that the grandma came out and the little girl said that she shouldn’t colour her legs with blue magic marker? What was that supposed to mean?

I think it was making fun of the grandmother’s varicose veins.

Holy shit! It’s actually not a “Hi, I’m new” thread. Props, dude.

Bleh, I’m not a fan of the blue collar comedy tour. The whole “git 'er done” thing completely destroyed it for me before I saw it.
That, as well as me not laughing at most of their jokes =\

It’s more southern white trash than blue collar.

Me neither, but at least it’s not a “Hi I’m New” thread about how we should be nice to some dude pretending to be a chick cuz he claims to be a girl and he’s new.

Unfortunately, the whole “git 'er done” thing has become a catchphrase at my work.

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour is hilarious, but me and my friends wore that out some time ago.

echh, im too refined for such things.

I liked it. I’ve always been a fan of Jeff Foxworthy.

Yeah I love that show. Its hilarious. I think the best one on the first one was either Jeff or Bill. I’m not a big fan of Larry. Ron White is awsome though. I saw his “Tater Salad” DVD and decided to watch The Blue Collar Comedy Tour one.

I dunno. Any time I’ve seen any of those general comedians on Comedy Central, they’re always getting a good reaction, even Pre-BCCT, in whatever state they’re visiting.

And yes, it is funny.

I prefer Ron White over the rest of them.

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Yeah I like alot of his jokes. But the others are pretty funny too.

My grandpa loves the blue collar comedy tours. My favorite’s always been the drunk in public skit. :3

I haven’t actually seen it, but my friends talk about it and quote it frequently. I have seen the “Tater Salad” DVD, and that was pretty good.

P.S. Welcome, dude.