Blood Of Vampires

I’m sorry for the excessive threads. Hopefully this will be enjoyable:

<u>Blood Of Vampires</u>
The blood of vampires courses through his veins.
When sanguine rushes under once-pale flesh,
Turned scarlet with the tide of verve that stains
The fevered masses, that once would refresh;
When red blood over-wells beneath his face,
Swelling so round as a sick infant’s cheeks,
And grotesque, swollen finger joints disgrace
The blanch and elegant countenance he seeks;
When arteries want to burst through his eyes
Like the cruel whips that cut ev’ry slave’s back
Down to meekness, so that, tender, he lies
Oblivious to limbs that have gone slack;
He sinks two hollow canines in his skin,
That, with this blood, his new life might begin.