Blood in FF10

I was looking around the Squeenix site, saw that the rating on FF10 was T for blood and violence. Violence I can figure, but I don’t remember there being any blood. I don’t remember any characters bleeding. I can remember Sephiroth bleeding at the end of FF7, but who bled in FF10? Can anyone remember?

Pyreflies look like blood…

Lulu. From her vagina.

Seriously, I thing “Blood & Violence” is just a category the ESRB uses. So if the game has either, they just use that category. Most of the time the two do go toghether anyway, it’s normally not a bad assumption.

Could’ve sworn a few Sahagins bled when they got chomped on by that big monster thing in the beginning.
I know there’s blood in there, it’s just really small and you’d have to look for it.

through out the game the enemys bleed sometimes but its really nothing

Really? I can’t remember any specific incidents. I dont remember any enemies bleeding. You hit them with the sword, and they just react like they were hit with a bat. No spattering. Not even ‘semi-blood’ like green fluid or something.

Yeah, I think you’re right…but that’s the only time I remember…

I thought they cut out the S+M scenes involving knives in the North American version.

isnt there blood when Home is being attcked