Blind gamer Brice Mellen vs top Japanese players in MK Deception

Now, I don’t like MK Deception; i think it’s a horrible fighter. But, playing some of the top level japanese players and winning is amazing. Among some of the players he fights (that I recognized) are:

KSK (famous SF3 player, best Alex player on EARTH, runs SF3 Ranking Battles - a very popular series of biweekly tournaments that attract the best SF3 players in Japan)

Ohnuki (popular for beasting with Chun-Li in every game that he plays, period; won SF3 in SBO3, a 2 on 2 major tournament in japan)

Tokido (Big time CapcomVsSnk2 and Capcom Fighting Evolution player, won SBO3 in both of these games)

Sawatori (Head of Arcadia magazine, a HUGE japanese magazine about fighting games)

Chibita (Top level Virtua Fighter player; Virtua Fighter is considered far and wide to be THE most complex 3D fighter)

In the end, he plays 25 games, and goes 22-3. Not bad at all.

Looks like he isn’t the only blind gamer.

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This guy was in EGM. Pretty badass, imo.

Cool, but jesus, 200+mb for a 15 minute video?

EDIT: XD, has “Twilight” become the official song of Akihabara now or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve watched this guy play at a local LAN joint. Pretty sweet


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