Blank Tapes

Can taping over a blank tape too many times, or playing it, cause problems for my vcr?

Blank disks have that problem

I doubt it wil lcause problems for your VCR. The tape however, might get problems if you tape over too much, but the VCR should be fine.

your vcr shouldent be affected but if the tape is recorded over to much it can get real scratchy. :moogle:

It won’t do any harm to your VCR. The more you erase and record on a tape, however, the worse the quality of your recordings on it; it’s the great drawback of magnetic tapes and discs.

ive done it plenty of time, and all it does is sshow a little second of the show i tried to cover, i doubt it will effect it.

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My last vcr got busted up, and I had to get a new one. It also busted tapes up. It was old

Maybe I should buy a Tivo so its easier to tape stuff. When I get a power outage i have to reprogram my vcr

There shouldn’t be any harm done to your VCR. The reader head can get dirty, but if you use a head cleaner that should get rid of all the nasty junk in there.

I’ve seen Tivo in action, and it does look pretty sweet. I almost got my mom one for Mother’s Day, but then I learned that you have to pay for the monthly service to make it work. It’d probably be cheaper to set up a cheap Linux box for her and use one of those free software Tivo clones.

Do you have to reprogram if there’s a power outage, cause I do with my regular vcr

Why does my counter display a negative number whenever I’m done rewinding? I even hit counter reset to zero, and next time it rewinds, its still a negative number

Yes, you have to reprogram it if the power goes out. It’s a fact of life. Some people don’t know how to program their VCR, so it flashes 12:00 all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the negative number…let it go, man. Just let it go.

Have you honestly never had a VCR before?

Dev, we’re getting to the point these days where that’s becoming less of an incredulous question… my brother’s kids don’t even know what a VCR is… they think a VHS tape is a relic from a former era, much like an 8-track is today… O_o

Taping over that same tape over and over again is more likely to hurt the tape than the VCR. I had a couple of cassettes that I used to tape Jeopardy! every day when I was in high school (and Match Game during the brief time that it was brought back to the air waves), and after being recorded over so many times, the video quality was pretty much impossible to see.

I tape portions of Adult Swim almost every night. There’s nothing wrong with my VCR, but I end up needing to replace the tapes eventually for quality control. :smiley: Having the tape rewinder is good for me too.

When I move into my new house, I’m definitely signing up for DVR. I could do Tivo, but I have a couple of issues with it. I’ve already filled my VCR program queue!

DVRs are a thing of beauty. I’m just going to say that.

“Have you honestly never had a VCR before?”

I was taping stuff for a long time