Black Blood Brothers

So apparently, Alucard of Hellsing had a love child with Vash the Stampede, and the kid comes out looking like a lot like Vincent Valentine. Though he stole his second daddy’s coat and butchered first daddy’s hat. And runs around with his cuter than thou little brother beating up baddies.

The plot is that humans and vampires are trying to co-exist somewhat peacefully, and vampires are given their own part of a town in Japan to live in. Some of the vamps aren’t being good little bloodsuckers though, and goes around preying on people. The main character, Jirou, is your usual famous war hero pretty boy older than dirt and with a decent amount of angst, also known as “Silver Blade” since he goes around fighting his own kind with a long silver sword. He doesn’t exactly chase around for trouble, but trouble finds him. That kind of thing. He’s also trying to keep his little brother Kotarou and a human ladyfriend safe, while crazy vampires known as “Kowloon Children” are on the loose, biting and killing humans and vampires alike - while the usual vampires, apparently, leave their victims alive or feed on humans who willingly give up blood.

I’ve seen about half of it so far (it’s twelve episodes), and despite not usually liking vampire stories I find this one enjoyable. Vampires teamed with Trigun-style humor (as when Jirou is walking around in broad sunlight and smoking all over because his umbrella isn’t protecting him enough) and action sequences, with some human/vampire rights questions thrown in.
Save a few brief “getting bitten is better than sex” moments (something they successfully also make fun of, to their credit), and a few too many characters bouncing about, I say solid series. It’s currently available at animesuki, eleven episodes subbed so far.

Now, I’ve gotten a bit of taste for vampires so to speak. Are there any other bloodsucker animes around that doesn’t involve manslaughter and blood all over the walls?

Naaa,he stole the hat from I-no from the Guilty Gear games,the bitch deserved anyway.(okay back to topic)

I haven’t seen much of BBB,seemed interesting,if your looking for vampire stuff why not try Blood+,I hear is prety damn good,and it doesn’t involve manslaughter for most of it anyway.

Hmmm… Something with vampires that doesn’t make my rage-o-meter explode?

I thought that was Abel Nightroad. :slight_smile: I’m sort of liking Trinty Blood, but it’s bloodier than what you’re asking.

Vampire Hunter D, methinks.

It’s not a series (at least, the anime isn’t), but two movies. I’ve only seen Bloodlust, which rocked, but I’ve heard the other is also good.

It’s based off a series of books, a few of which are translated, so I dunno, you might want to check those out too. >.>

Oh there’s—no wait, that one’s pretty gory.


Hmm. …

Well, there’s Master of Mosquiton. >.>