Biology flash game!

Try it people, its pretty good!

Fun, educational and good music too!

it rocks : D played it in one go (while procrastinating, have to write an awfully boring term paper on phonetics x3) and I finally gave in to the trend and joined kongregate, too. now I have two badges already. shlorp shlorp. I’m a cell, and viruses can’t hurt meeh.

It was fun until it glitched. *Grumble.

Played it last night, and it was pretty good. Especially liked the music where the viruses attack. Kinda hated the fact that the only level I died on was the last one, but then I went and beat it.

Has the Discovery Institute’s (not Channel) hand in it.

meh… this guy is overshooting the point of the matter a little here, imo. I agree with most of the comments at the bottom- it’s supposed to be a game, and therefore it is designed to be played and to be fun. I don’t see any deep ID propaganda in there just because of a few alien platypuses and a talking robot. as for “mitochondria appearing out of nowhere” and “you have to tell the cell what to do, which makes you an equivalent of god”. …well the latter is a necessity as otherwise there would be no interaction, in which case your only option would be making a movie about it; the former is a necessity because including the endosymbiontic theory and complex biochemical cycles and blabla and lord knows what else would make it way too complex for a children’s game and, again, take the fun out of it.

so if questions concerning ID arise in class (if at all), I guess you’d have to rely on the teacher’s competence to wipe out doubts, and on the children’s common sense. but interpreting this as a major subliminal message thing to plant ID propaganda in our heads is making a mountain out of a molehill. besides, you still have the encyclopedia contrasting “in the game” and “in reality”; I only skimmed it but I couldn’t make out any creationist argumentation to be honest.