Bill Gates: No longer the Richest Man alive

known for frugal habits such as flying economy class
What good is money if you don’t spend it?

Also, beside’s the slip of the dollar, Gates recently donated a few billion to charities. Yes, that’s right, he’s not pure evil after all.

This isn’t big news… during the high tide of the tech-sector wave, the CEO of Oracle overtook Gates for a while too.

Maybe its just good for pubilicity, the donating to charities? Also how much does the charity use towards its cause? I saw a show on that Ikea founder a while back, neat stuff, though its simple and you have to put the stuff together yourself eck. They showed this beanbag shaped plastic thing and you could lift up the seat and store things in there, thats awesome.

A charity uses all of it. Kinda the whole point of the non-profit organization thing. Yes, he probably did it for a good image, but charities are getting stuff, and that’s never a bad thing.

Are you saying his evil ISN’T pure!?!?

Gates may be an evil business man, but he is a great person. He’s decided to use his money to systematically eliminate certain diseases. Whereas we in NA, Europe, Asia etc. are immunized to certain dangerous illnesses in 3rd World countries these same illnesses are running rampant, killing thousands. Gates has selected some of these for illimination. Or so I’ve heard.

Hah-hah! :hahaha;

Actually, Gates probably donates so much to charity for tax breaks. The image thing is just a nice side effect.

Well, after his death over ninety percent of his funds are going to charity… soooo… =p

How nice of you to let me know.
I’ll go rob him now.

How can you presume such things? Do you have a sneak peek at his Will that none of us can see?

I also heard that too…a teacher of mine told me that in years after his death, Gates wont be known for Microsoft, as much as his money-giving to charity…

What about the blue screen of death?

Now if Eva had said that at first then Hades wouldn’t have snapped at me. Oh no. He would have worshipped the phrase, given it it’s own altar, and then paraded it around Canada and the US. But since I said it first, it’s horribly inaccurate and stupid. Oh, damn.

What a waste man… what a waste… I’m in need of money, tell Gates to donate 10% of his fortune to me instead.

Gates never was the richest man. That honor has always belonged to some Maharajah somewhere in the Middle East.

:stuck_out_tongue: I never said I was right, I was just offering something I’ve heard about. And Hades would have found some way to bicker back and forth with me, even if it’s me :stuck_out_tongue: