Beware the passionate ones.

If you’ve seen this before, I apologize for the time you’re not getting back. :smiley:

Girls are crazy.

This is so funny!!!

The girl is so stupid. I would actually feel bad for her if she didn’t drunkenly write him an email about how she fucked another guy.

What a space case! He’s better off without her. I’m surprised she remembers how to breath.

To deny that is to deny your very soul.

I had a wife but got no good of her, so I to went to easily get rid of her. Took her out and cut the head off her, early in the morning. Seeing as I left no evidence for the sheriff or his reverence, they had to say it was an act of Providence, early in the morning. So if you’ve a wife and get no good of her, do like me and quickly get rid of her; take her out and cut the head off her, early in the morning.

So funny! It took her twelve days to figure out he was gone? You think she would have asked around some more. Hahahaha!

When I saw that part, I felt embarrassed for it. Just the fact that it was said at all was awkward. It’s so retarded. I wanted to like, take it back from my EYES.


I’m guessing he dated her because of the pleasant whistling sound he could hear when the wind blew through her vacant skull. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or through her vagina.

There’s no way there’d be a pleasant whistling sound when blowing through a vagina! I can list many pleasant things about vaginas, but the sounds you make when blowing into them are not among them.

Why were you blowing on a vagina? Were you trying to dry it off before sex? Because that’s not really what you’re supposed to do.

I did it to annoy her/wake her up. Sometimes I wonder why we broke up. :hint:

Because you didn’t murder her. See my above advice.

I’ve just gotta say: I’m not a big fan of using murder to solve my problems. It’s not that I’m against it; it just seems lazy after a while.

That, and you run out of places to hide the corpses.

Nonsense Tril, you can never run out of place to dispose of corpses. Just the materials to dissolve them.

Its important to keep this conversation on topic: vagina farts, not murder.

Yeah. Queefing = like… one kitten death. Murder = five. Unless you’re murdering a kitten, then, oddly, that equals six kitten deaths.

I won’t speculate on kitten queefs.

EDIT: I thought it would be good to use a scientific system for measurement of how bad things are. I realized I didn’t explain my system. 1 kitten death = 1 kitten dying through natural causes. A baby dying of natural causes like disease = .5 kitten deaths. If it’s your baby, that’s 2 kitten deaths. If it’s your kitten dying, that’s 4 kitten deaths. I hope this clarifies my system.

We need to make a push to make this a universally accepted system.

The scientific measurement known as “Kitten Deaths” (KD) is a fully accepted system by the CCTSOSA*.

*Cybercompost’s Totally Scientific and Objective Systems Approver

I like that he used a song I love. <3

Also: wow. I really hope all women aren’t like this.