Beware, Florida!! Here I Come!!!

That’s right, folks- yours truly is leaving on Friday for his first vacation EVER, and it happens to be to the Sunshine State!! My Best Friend, Ulpiano, and his family are going over to his sister’s to be present for her newborn’s baptism, and, since I’m virtually part of the family, they invited me along! In addition, they’re planning on staying ten days and visiting all the cool places they can, from Disney World to Cape Canaveral! I just wanted to let you guys know in case I find myself unable to find regular surf access while there. (Thought I haven’t been too active around the boards of late anyway- health reasons.) I would also apprecciate any travelers’ tips you could give me.

Right now, I’m only really worried about my new kitten, Alex. His mother seems to have abandoned him, and while I’ve arranged for my Aunt to feed him, I fear he’ll be unhappy left alone in my house. Should I arrange some kids to come play with him when my uncle is feeding him? (I’m really new at this raising kittens thing- I’m a dog guy, really, Alex was a gift from Ulpiano.)

In any case, you can be sure I’ll tell you all here about all my hijinks -and with my luck, there ARE bound to be some!- when I get back!

awwww… that’s nice how they consider you a part of the family…

As for the cat, I don’t think I’d worry too much… give him a couple of toys to play with and he might be all set :slight_smile:

It matters how responsible the kids are. I watch my aunts cat when she goes on vacation . Pretty much all I do is make sure it has food and water, make sure it’s litter box is clean, and lastly I play with it for little while. Cat’s are very independent but it seems like they get lonely too.

Yay, Wil!

And I do hope that Missy comes back soon, though.

I’ve been in Florida for the past week. Maybe I’ll see you somewhere. Too bad we dont know what each other looks like…

My town is several miles away from C.C.
There’s also the humongous dumpster you’ll probably pass when heading there. It’s the highest land level of Florida. ^_^;

Wiz: I assume that means you don’t look like your avatar? :slight_smile:

As for me, I look like Cristopher Lloyd (without makeup.) :fungah:

In any case, unless we’re going to the same park on the same day and to the same ride, the chances of running into each other are slim! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you enjoy yourself Wil, while I have never been there personally, I have heard good reports about the state as a whole. The cat will be fine, although when you get back she may not leave you alone for a week or so :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as it has food, water and a clean litter box it will be ok.

i want to hear about all the hijinks when you get back, so keep me posted ok?

florida? but that’s america’s wang!

are you really this stupid, zhou yu?

YAY! I’m happy to hear that Wil! I hope you have a wonderful time there!:smiley:

As for your kitten. Leave him in someone’s care for them to nurse him. That’s what we did whenever we went away. He should do all right.

Alright Wil! :victoly:

I’ve been to Florida before, and trust me, it’s really enjoyable. Have a great time! :slight_smile:

About your kitten, I agree with Chris. Leave him with someone who likes him; it’s often the best solution.

That’s where my first vacation took place as well. 8)

Have fun, Wilfedo. You’ll love it there.

just leave your kitten with a relative that you really trust. that’s what i do…

btw, dalton, i recognize your title from final fantasy tactics. didn’t someone say that in the game?

Yes, Algus said it early in the game. That line cracks me up for some reason. It’s probably the way it just came out of nowhere.

Originally posted by Moon Beam Girl
My town is several miles away from C.C.
There’s also the humongous dumpster you’ll probably pass when heading there. It’s the highest land level of Florida. ^_^;

My grandparents live at the highest point in their city/county. 26 ft above sea level.

I look like a 13 year old dana Carvey, though I have been told I look like Jim Carrey.

OK, guys, everything’s ready… I HOPE! All the suitcases are packed, and I actually convinced my sister and her daughter to take care of Alex (my kitten) while I’m gone, so he won’t be lonely. About the only thing left to do is clean up this dump I call a house a little, just so my nosy relatives -whom I KNOW will poke their noses in here while I’m not around- will not think I’m a TOTAL pig! :hmm:

I will be leaving early tomorrow, so I’d better say my goodbyes tonight. Thanks to everyone who posted and wished me well. I certainly will do my best to have fun. And Wizardmeister- with our resemblance to famous comedians, I can think of some reeeeally funny stories to write, most likely for my next RPGC adventure. :o Oh, and I WILL have pictures taken during the trip, and I’ll try to get them posted here. Will RPGC survive the experience?? :slight_smile:

See ya in ten days, guys!!

Bye, Wil! Have a great time! :wave: :slight_smile:

Bye-vye Wil! I hope you have a wonderful time while you’re gone! :wave: :smiley:

have a good time, don’t worry too much about your kitten, and bring back pictures!:slight_smile: :wave:

I’M BACK!!! Did anyone miss me?



At least notice I was gone?