BEWARE: Big Brother.


Now commence with the civil rights activistationisms.

What’s the big deal? Just because more advanced surveillance technology is available doesn’t change privacy laws in any way.

I’m pretty sure Terry Pratchett has written something about people who vehemently protest new ideas or innovations until they become old ones …

Oh great, now they can find my Fortress of Doom inside the sandbox at the kiddy park. ~.^::dekar!:: ONO

Great, now we can be more paranoid than we already are. >_>

Hmm … I know! I’ll compose a “Paranoia Song” like the Genocide Song from Trigun! Gimme a few, I’ll need time to come up with it …

Bah, I’ve always been pro-science so the whole social issue doesn’t move me. I mean, it’s not like surveillance equipment hasn’t been invented yet.

The world is frozen in time, we’re still in 1984.

I’m more worried about Microsoft’s Next Generation Security Platform, also known as Windows 1984.

In any case, I’ll wait with the screaming until they threathen to change the privacy laws.