better than staff pr0n

<a href=“’s%20wibwooism%20ranting%20thread/page_1.html”>blast from the past!</a>

I remember that thread… at least the first few posts. I can’t remember if I had been a member yet

Edit: What happened to Rudora? :frowning:

couching potato? I believe I have no choice but to “lawl.” is busy and will read past the first page later

You had been a member for about a month.

Damn, I forgot all about the thread. Skimming through it made me sick. I’m VERY surprised that it wasn’t closed a lot sooner than it was.

You lied Merlin! Staff pr0n is better, it doesn’t leave me feeling quite so sick to my stomach as this. Sabin is banned, but I still want to beat the living shit out of him after reading that.

That thread was pure gold. I remember it fondly.

No, lanyx wasnt a member. You’re about a year off, I wasnt even a member when this happened.

I still love Joe sixpack and sally soccermom.

You’re right, I was just looking at the days and months,f orgot about the years.

Whatta ya doin’ Merl, lookin’ through my staff folder? I told you, I took down those blackmail photos months ago. Let’s just say they’re currently “secure”.

One of the best threads on this forum. :smiley: I wasn’t here to watch it unfold but damn it’s a great read.

Hopefully when the 2006 World Cup rolls around, we’ll have a new uber-‘patriotic’ idiot to start flamewars.

Unintelligent as Sabin was, and however misguided, there were posters in that thread who behaved less intelligently than him. Not exactly a great showing for Western culture on either side.

(Honk-Honk!) I beleve we already have him; he is keeping quiet until said time…

Whatever you do, don’t ever call Leigh Centurions group of wusses… dispite their inabiltity to keep in the Super Leauge. 2k runs

Man, I remember when someone posted all this a long time ago, a bit after I joined. I still don’t get how it was allowed to last that long.

At least our [U.S.] news reports the whole story.

This is so ironic when compared to the present situation.

Damn! Argentina lost!

As the RPGC Argentinean ambassador, I’d like to point out that the feelings of this individual do not reflect those of the Argentinean population and that we, as a whole, negate any connection with the individual in question. And damn, that was some pathetic performance we had back then, especially with one of our players fucking us over to try to keep his job on England.

I only have an argument with your footy team…

That will be brought up when we meet again.

I had to fish through the damn ftp site for a half hour digging up staff game reviews to suit SK’s demonic whims, that’s why!!

Yeah, sure, it’s all a front!

Classic. :hahaha;

Why does Xwing’s pic remind me of Maz?

Also, I faintly remember that thread. I wasn’t registered in the forums back then (cause they scared me ;.;), but it was widely discussed in the chat as far as I remember.

Thpppt. Who gives a shit? It was fun, and quite frankly, he got what he deserved on all counts. I still think it was kinda cool when Mazzy gave me that “warning-ette”.

I still hope he comes back.

It’s also kinda interesting to note the style changes.

The style changes… meh. But it’s nice to see charle back in his old high.